Tuesday, July 22, 2014

M.O.D. w/PSYKOSIS, HORNETS & HOLLOW TRUTH – Dublin (24/6/14)

Wes Morrissey gives us the low-down on Billy Milano and METHOD OF DESTRUCTION's recent visit to Ireland. Support on the night was from local bands HOLLOW TRUTH, HORNETS and PSYKOSIS.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

WORDS THAT BURN release album teaser… ‘Before The Fall’

WORDS THAT BURN, Avant-Garde/Alt Metallers hailing from Dundalk/Carrickmacross are back with a new single and accompanying video 'Before the Fall'. The track is the first offering from their yet to be released follow up to 'Praey' (their debut album for instant free download here).

'Before The Fall' see's the band hone their sound with a more melodic approach and an infectious chorus that will stick in your grey matter and have you humming for days on end! Its also immensely heavy and is a great teaser track leaving the listener wanting more. We wait with excitement for the full release.

The track was released June 21st as a free download via the WORDS THAT BURN bandcamp page and a gig for the official launch of the single was held in Fibber Magees, Dublin, the following day.  Support on the night came from  Face Melter Music label mates BELTBUCKLE OVERDRIVERED DANCERS COMETH and the recently signed THE DEVIL WANTS HER SWAGGER BACK.  The official video for 'Before The Fall' was premièred at 8PM 24/06/2014 via the bands Facebook page.

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written for IMA by Trevor McCormack
(Cranium Titanium)

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

ELECTRIC TAURUS : New Split… Matt Casciani spills the beans

Stoner/Doom trio ELECTRIC TAURUS have have teamed up with Italian Psychadelic Instrumentalists PREHISTORIC PIGS for a new three track split LP. With the Irish Doom mercahants contributing a lengthy sixteen minute, psychedelic, stoner, prog odyssey, with guest vocals from CRAFTY FUZZ front woman Barbara ‘Babz’ Allen.

The Archive caught up with guitarist and vocalist Matt Casciani to get the skinny on the new split release and the band themselves.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

INTERVIEW : Ade Mulgrew (Darkest Era)

DARKEST ERA have recently unleashed their superb ‘Severence‘ album. It’s the bands second full-length release and their first through Cruz Del Sur Records.

Irish Metal Archive’s Trevor McCormack had a chat with the bands guitarist Ade Mulgrew on his ‘Cranium Titanium’ Metal Radio Show and quizzed him about the new album, the bands new line-up and future plans.

Check out the full interview here...
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